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At BudTendr, our goal is to leverage mobile & web technologies to simplify the complicated ecosystem of the cannabis industry. We create a customized & engaging user experience for both dispensaries and patients. BudTendr aims to be the leader in deploying software to dispensaries, reducing wait times, gaining valuable customer information, while boosting loyalty, efficiency & the bottom line.

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iOS & Android

BudTendr application are iOS and Android friendly. Dispensaries customized apps can be found under their name in the designated app stores.

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Display the dispensaries menu in a clean layout, that is easily updatable by our customized CMS. Real-time updates, allow for new products to be added to dispensary menus quickly.

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BudTendr application subscriber's, receive their own native iOS and Android applications, branded to their dispensary. Licensing the BudTendr product is significantly cheaper than building your own native app from the ground up.

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BudTendr has built a Content Management System (CMS) that allows dispensaries to update their menus, gather client information and track application data.

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Know the customer before they even walk into the dispensary. Know how they like to consume cannabis and when they visit a dispensary, how much cannabis do they normally purchase.

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We have built in a feature that allows dispensaries to see how many times their app was downloaded, daily usage and popular items.

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